What is the TD National Reading Summit?

The TD National Reading Summit is the first step towards developing a Canadian national reading strategy, which will foster a reading culture in communities across the country. Three successive summits will offer an opportunity to identify key strategies and build coalitions to work towards policy development and implementation. The summits will be held in both official languages and address the needs of Canadians in all regions, including the First Nations, immigrant communities, and youth. While various constituencies will gather at the summits, the work of building support for our goals will continue throughout the year.

The first summit is scheduled for November 12-13, 2009, in Toronto, and will bring together key stakeholders from the worlds of writing, publishing, libraries, education, academia, business, and government. Speakers from all regions of Canada and around the world will share their research and experience in developing reading promotion programs, and delegates will lay the groundwork for implementing new programs and policies with both provincial and federal participation.